This site was inspired out of the passions of a team of computing enthusiasts (Federico and Kevin) who wanted to create a place to share and express their love for software development, architecture, design, and computing in general. It is a place to share in the exhilaration of a venture well done or as a harbor to gain encouragement and strength when the sometimes terrifying sea of silicon becomes to much. We don't want to categorize ourselves as simply a web development or programming site. We'd like to talk about everything that inspires us in the magical world of coding and computing.

The Codecoms Team

Federico Paini is a Project/Program Manager, Director @Salesforce working on Service Cloud with an extreme passion for technology, computing, and all things geek. Federico started coding in Commodore64 BASIC when he was 14 years old and never looked back. In his spare time Federico is an avid fitness and nutrition enthusiast and a pert-time Apex, Python, PHP, Ruby and iOS programmer. He lives in Tampa Bay, FL.

Kevin Counts (countdigi) is full-time UNIX System Administrator and Ruby enthusiast by day and a musician by night who misses sleep a little. He enjoys studying and performing in the styles of Afro-Cuban and Jazz in particular. Kevin lives in Tampa, Florida.