Lightning is an awesome (relatively) new framework to develop Salesforce applications. Started in 2012 it’s now the new standard in how to develop in Salesforce.

If you’re using Salesforce you’re using Lightning without knowing it.

Brief Introduction to Lightning

  • Lightning is an Experience, a Framework and an Ecosystem
  • Built on the Aura Framework
    • Aura is an open-source UI framework that we use to build the Salesforce Lightning Experience UI
    • Aura was built for Salesforce, but it can be used by any developer
    • Aura components use four languages: XML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java
    • Aura powers Lightning Experience
  • Lighting is designed to follow an app-centric model
  • Lightning Components and Applications come in “Bundles” that store all of the necessary files to run Reusable, single-page applications

If you’re reading this article probably you already know about Lightning. So without further ado I’ll get to the subject of this blog. How do you setup Sublime 3 to develop Lightning applications?

Here is how you do it.

Pre Requisite

  1. Sublime 3 with the Package Manager installed
  2. The latest OSX


  1. Download the Force CLI executable from Heroku
  2. Open a terminal window, go to the downloaded file and make it executable typing chmod 777
  3. Copy/move the executable in the folder /usr/local/bin
  4. Install the following plugin: Fix Mac Path and Lightning
  5. Restart Sublime
  6. Create a new folder where you want the Lightning code to reside
  7. Open the folder just created form the Open Files sidebar right click on the folder. A menu will appear, chose Lightning->Salesforce Login
  8. Login to the Salesforce org as shown in the picture below
  9. You’re ready rock and roll!!

Fig.1 - Loign to Salesforce Org by right-clicking on a folder

How it works

  1. Access the the menu by right click on your folder of choice
  2. Select Fetch and then select the component and/or app you want to modify
  3. Select Add to add a controller and/or a helper
  4. Select Create to create an App, a Component or an Interface
  5. Your code will be synced on save