Smart Questions

Smart Questions Years ago in my Linux studies I discovered Eric S. Raymond’s advice on asking technical questions entitled “How To Ask Questions The Smart Way”. This advice was tailored within the context of an Open Source enthusiast who often seeks out help from other people with similar... [Read More]

MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware Overview For many years the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has offered MIT Open Courseware with thousands of lectures freely available online. In tribute here is a transcript of the opening part of a 1986 MIT Lecture for Hewlett Packard engineers based on this <a... [Read More]

Using Docker with Jekyll

Using Docker with Jekyll Script available here We are using Jekyll with the Beautiful Jekyll theme at, a shared blog I maintain with a friend of mine. Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator and is supported by GitHub Pages. All you... [Read More]

Rise of Containers

The new year is upon us and one thing I truly look forward to is the continuing “Rise of Containers” in 2016. I recently watched a presentation from Bryan Cantrill entitled Rise of Containers in which he recounts the history of the concept dating back decades from the origin... [Read More]